My name is Genevieve Henry and Massage Journey is my Burlington-based massage practice dedicated to caring for pregnant women, moms and their partners. I am part of the  Birth Journeys team; a group that has earned an excellent reputation among new parents in Chittenden County. 

At the beginning of my career, my practice constituted almost exclusively of pregnant women, but with time these moms had their babies and they kept on coming back and soon sent me their partners, parents, siblings, and friends. It's an immense privilege for me to contribute to the well-being of several generations of a single family. I have also been offering onsite chair massage at businesses and offer this service for free every other Wednesday at the Family Room.


I am a certified massage therapist, a certified childbirth educator, certified labor & birth and postnatal doula. When I don't have my hands on people, I teach French at Champlain College, train toward getting my Black Belt in Kemp Jujitsu and volunteer with The Safety Team and hang out with my family   I’m a mother of four and know all about the challenges and joys of pregnancy and parenting.


Massage for pregnant women, couples and new parents is an integral part of the comprehensive support we offer to new and experienced parents on their journey.


My studio at the Zephyr collective, on S. Champlain St.

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