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Prenatal massage is safe from the beginning of pregnancy until active labor. 
My objective when I give prenatal massages is to offer a relaxing experience AND work the groups of muscles most strained by pregnancy to give you the relief that will last for days or weeks after the massage .
For pre-natal massages, I use a side-lying system designed specifically to create ergonomically correct support for pregnancy. This system stabilizes while it soothingly cradles in all the right places - breasts, shoulders, neck, belly, and hips. You undress to your level of comfort and are fully covered at all times, except for the area that is being worked on.


"I saw Genevieve for a prenatal massage, and pregnant or not- this was the best massage I’ve ever had! She uses the perfect combination of deep tissue and Swedish, is not shy about applying a good amount of pressure, and was overall just a genuinely kind and caring person! I will definitely be back to see her again."

- Carah 07/01/22

"I just wanted to reach out and say that it has been so lovely to learn from you and be cared for by you during my pregnancy! I know we've only met in person a handful of times, but all of those occasions (and all of our virtual communications) were so positive and transformative for me, and I am just so grateful to have had you as a support and teacher during this journey. You truly helped me shift my mindset from" surviving" pregnancy to feeling a sense of ownership in this experience, and that sense of empowerment has been truly invaluable. My partner felt 1000% the same, and we both feel really excited (and nervous, of course ) to see how this story unfolds. "

-S. June 2022

Side-lying system specially designed for prenatal massage

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