Hi Everyone,
In an effort to slow the spread of Covid19, I have decided to temporarily close my massage practice. 

I will be in touch when things settle down. In the meantime, be safe and stay healthy!

Take care, 

*Psst! Write a google review after your massage and get $5 off your next massage!
Cancellation policy
If you cancel less then 24 hours before your appointment,
a $25 fee is charged. Clients who miss their appointment without having called to cancel will be charged 50% of their scheduled massage. If you go into labor before your appointment or show signs of sickness such as a fever this rule doesn't apply :)
Swedish or Deep Tissue
30-minute massage    $45
60-minute massage    $75
75-minute massage  $90
90-minute massage   $100
One-hour  massage                    $85
  75-minutes  massage                 $105
 90-minute  massage                   $120
*Postnatal same as Swedish and Deep Tissue
* For in-home table massage in the Burlington 
area add $50 to the regular price. 
* Families signed up for childbirth classes
with Birth Journeys get $10 off massages throughout their pregnancy.*
Massage For Labor Class
60-minute private class, $100
(Can be covered by insurance as a childbirth preparation class)
Three 30-minute massages                                $125
Three 60-minute massages                                $210
Three 75-minute massages                                $255
Three 90-minute massages                                $285
Three 60-minute prenatal massages                $240
Three 75-minute prenatal massages                $300
Three 90-minute prenatal massages                $345
I'll come to your house or office with a massage chair. I can see up to 4 people an hour (12-minute massages) for $75 + traveling time in the Burlington area ($25). Minimum of two hours.
Private classes are 90 minutes and cost $150.
Please email if you are interested!


Email me and I'll mail or email you a customized gift certificate.

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